The electric motor is an integral part of any industry

high voltage motors

The use of an electric motor in practice probably knows no boundaries and, thanks to its functions, it can be described as a product that plays an important role in industry. At the same time, this characteristic of the electric motor has no restrictions on its use and is therefore part of every industry. So whether you process or manufacture anything, you will definitely need to choose the right electric motor when designing a specific production process. There are several producers of electric motors on the market and each of them offers this product in several variants. From the point of view of the ideal application, it is then necessary to be able to clearly define the requirements and parameters so that it fits perfectly into the entire production process.

high voltage motorsThe electric motor is offered in several variants

The usability of an electric motor in practice therefore knows no boundaries and this fact is mainly due to the number of designs in which it is offered to customers.

So do you know what model you will need?
 Will a simple model in a single-phase design be the best solution?
Variable frequency drives X550
Variable frequency drive
Variable frequency drives V800
Low voltage motor

Or will you have to apply a high voltage motors? Subsequently, you will have a bit more problems with the selection, because there are several such designs and they are produced with a short-circuit armature, also in a three-phase ring or crane design. The range of three-phase solutions does not end there by far, and a variant with a short-circuit armature, non-explosive or secured type is also possible. The customer is now a bit more demanding than in the past and if he has to spend money on something, then he will require the maximum possible helpfulness from the producer or seller. This trend is also typical for an electric motor.

high voltage motors

Developers and engineers in this field are prepared for such requirements, and so they are constantly developing new and new model lines that are perfectly in line with the latest technologies applied in this field. If we look, for example, at a single-phase electric motor, it is, for example, extended by a starting or running capacitor. In contrast, there are three-phase designs, and asynchrony is typical of them. They are therefore used in many industrial plants. Unfortunately, only a few of these devices can be mentioned, and these include, for example, a press, a pump, a fan, a machine tool and many others. The application of the motor is possible only after taking into account the relevant climatic conditions and if they are not installed in a mild environment, then their overall operation may be negatively affected.

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