Vector frequency drives of the V800 series for single-phase voltage

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Are you looking for a frequency converter with a wide range of functions that you can always rely on? Do you need a quality frequency converter for environments with single-phase voltage? The VYBO Electric V800 series vector frequency converter is then the right choice. Find out what its qualities are. How you can use it and what it will be a valuable benefit to your operation.

frequency drive
Variable frequency drive V800

The modern VYBO Electric V800 frequency drive combines several unique advantages. In a compact design, you get a wide range of functions. Thanks to which this frequency converter can easily handle even industrial applications and drives that do not require high performance. In addition to the vector control mode, you can also use V / F scalar control. While also handling a wide output frequency range from 0.01 to 3,200 Hz.

The frequency converter helps protect the motor

One of the important features of any frequency converter is the ability to protect the motor from excessive current or overload. At the same time, it has implemented a number of safety functions. They are enable, for example, emergency shutdown or automatic torque limitation depending on current parameters.

Wide configuration options

frequency driveIf you want to get the real maximum out of an electric motor, the V800 frequency drive is the right choice. It has implemented up to 16 speeds, which you can easily control using the PLC function, while you will have 10 types of frequencies available. Let us add that frequency converters for single-phase voltage are ideal for electric motors with a power range from 0.25 kW to 5.5 kW, ie drives that do not require extra high power.

VYBO Electric V800 frequency drives are characterized not only by a wide range of functions, but also by a very favorable price. They can easily find their use even in operations with a limited budget. In this case, however, the available price does not mean any qualitative compromises.

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