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Single-phase electric motors excel in their simple and reliable design, which makes them particularly suitable for applications where high performance is not required. Although three-phase electric motors are increasingly being used in industry, single-phase ones are far from history. They are still widely used today. How can you use a single-phase 230V electric motor?

A simple, reliable and affordable power source does not have to be a matter of compromise at all. A single-phase electric motor usually meets all the most common requirements for simpler applications where tens of kilowatts of power are not required.

The use of single-phase electric motors is very wide

Compared to three-phase electric motors, single-phase ones have one major advantage. This is because they can be powered from a single phase, ie virtually anywhere there is an electrical outlet. The single-phase 230V electric motor is thus the most used in domestic applications and in various small-scale factories. Another significant advantage is the simple construction and thus only minimal maintenance requirements and at the same time a favorable price. Single-phase electric motors are such clear proof that a reliable electric motor does not have to cost you much.

electric motor vybo

Of course, you will also find single-phase electric motors in our offer, in several configurations. You can choose not only according to the output speed, but also the power and mounting design. They are characterized by efficient cooling, which is provided by a closed fan. Although they are light, their construction is very strong and allows you to use the electric motor even in confined spaces. We can offer you a single-phase 230V electric motor VYBO electric with an output from 0.18 kW to 3 kW, while additional modifications based on specific requirements are not a problem.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that we sell electric motors not only with maximum expertise, but also with care. We have single-phase electric motors in many configurations directly in stock, so you can rely on extra fast delivery.


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