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Paroles Francis Sage - Product Placement lyrics parole

Paroles Francis Sage - Product Placement (lyrics)

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Francis Sage - Product Placement
(album "A healthy distrust", lu 2392 fois)

Hook, Line, Shock Jock, Crackle
(This is paid for advertising
Free food for all)

Well it's a tangible death
And I can almost handle it
When it cancels my breath
Put your hand over my candle then rest
There's no pain in this fist release
Put my elbows on the window frame
Glass first against my cheeks
Everything I see is mine
I never look back
Couldn't ask the same of those I leave behind
The air bubbles rushin' towards the water surface
A clumsy stage hand makin' a grand exit
Caught in the curtains
A person should have pulled this rope long ago
'Fore the water hole froze over
I saw the snow
The best cue for rescue is a couple yanks
Press my luck, held my breath enough but then my stomach sank
Shoulda never been walkin' the plank
With some man's shoes without a oxygen tank or wetsuit
Destitute conditions leave fishermen victims
Of circumstance
But you don't need a hook for the worms to dance

Off to the bathroom to sniff another line (sniff another line)
There's a big party goin' on and you're not invited (you're not invited)
Now I'm just howlin' at the moon sippin' its shine (sippin' its shine)
There's a huge rock hurlin' through space won't you help me light it

I'm playin jump rope with my veins tonight
But you download but I pay the price
The DJ saved my life
Nothin can cut into my fun but the razor might

This song is brought to you courtesy
Of medicine prescriptions
Dead-again christians
Nineteen sixty eight
And b-boys on acid
And of course my utter and absolute
Obligation to never do anything bad... ever

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