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Paroles Black Eyed Peas - Audio Delite At Low Fidelity lyrics parole

Paroles Black Eyed Peas - Audio Delite At Low Fidelity (lyrics)

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Black Eyed Peas - Audio Delite At Low Fidelity
(album "Monkey Business", lu 2656 fois)

Ever since I was a little young-a
I always had a ryhme that I flung-a
Any situation that you brung up
Black Eyed Peas will shake a party like thunda
Now everybody wanna ask and wonder
How the Black Eyed Peas took it from the under
From the bottom to the top
Now we make your body rock
Muthaf**** don't sit and ponder
Cuz we come with no bloops no blunders
We keep it fat like Atilla the Hun-a
Latin ladies by like ay Corumba
We caliente like you killin' in the summer

We gave you something'
Now you gonna ask for some more
But naw brutha you ain't gonna get no more
And I know you really like
This audio delite
Cuz my drum goes dum diddy dum-a
Check it out
Two's for your souuuullll
Three's for your body
And four's for the ambience
Check it out cuz this is how it go

I'm sick with the rhyme
I'm infected
Since '95 the BEP perfected
The way we get down on the record
We comin' up with heat that's not expected
You can't, you can't, you can't help but check it
We stand out like chubby people in checkers
We comin' hectic and hyper
Aimin' like a sniper
And when I rock the mic you'll respect me
You respect it cuz you know
I'm known to kill it
I make it, make it, make it, make it
Hotter than a skillet
And you oughta know you goin' feel it
Black Eyed Peas we do it we're the realest

[Repeat Chorus]

My faith will never fall
Forever remain myself after all
Gainin' fame, mass appeal, entertainin' y'all
Never change or conform
We always rock it raw
I remember when we used to bust at the mall
Ways of expressin' my love for the art
Now we here to restore these rap laws
Cuz the way it is now is not the way I saw so check it
I'ma do it like this
So y'all could recite this
Hip hop anthem once more
I won't let the mic rest
You won't catch me rhyme-less
No matter what the future got in store

[Repeat Chorus]

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